Friday, April 22, 2011

Top 10: CreComm assignments

This seemed a fitting topic for my last blog post as a CreComm student (but certainly not my last blog post ever!).

Feel free to agree/disagree in the comments below!

#10. personal website

This was the very last assignment I handed in, and I can already see it’s going to become one of the most useful. With everything online, it’s only smart for new grads to consider having a website to post and update their portfolios. Listing the website on resumes means potential employers can look at the quality of your work even before an interview. And having an online presence means you might get offered jobs not even on the market yet.

#9. business card

Another one of those assignments that’s going to be very handy in the job search; in fact, it already is. Getting us students to design our own business cards in class got me thinking about where I could start handing them out which got me thinking about networking - and if you network well, you’re off to the races.

#8. alt. magazine project

Perhaps the bane of first year CreComm for some, our group pulled this one off swimmingly and enjoyed ourselves along the way. Choosing an alternative art magazine meant we covered some bizzare topics and got to meet a lot of really cool people. It was the first time we got to combine a bunch of our talents – design, PR, journalism, advertising, marketing – all in one project, and inspired me to look for a career that will support that.

#7. BLACKOUT integrated marketing campaign

A joint effort between the PR and Ad majors, this assignment wasn’t without its challenges, but our wonderful group laughed in the face of those challenges and like true professionals pulled it all together in one weekend to deliver a solid campaign. It taught me a lot about group brainstorming, organization, problem solving, and the differences between Ad and PR. Together, we came up with some really innovative ideas that I know I’ll be coming back to in my future career.

#6. Polar Bears International sponsorship proposal

Who can say no to adorable polar bears? I loved the client and I loved this assignment because it got us asking for money. It’s not something I like doing, but challenged me to come up with some smart ideas that would make it easier: by showing our target audiences ‘what’s in it for me?’. This’ll definitely come in handy regardless of whether I work for a non-profit or not.

#5. job package

I did not expect to be returning to my handouts from this assignment almost one year later. Sure there’s lots of how-to’s out there for resume and job letter writing, but Chris Petty narrowed it down to the good stuff. Combined with Melanie Lockhart’s blog posts, I think I’ve sent out some really solid job applications. Just have to wait and see!

#4. GLEE mock news conference

Maybe not a fav among the J majors, but it’s certainly a highlight in my PR books. Combine the popularity of GLEE with the energy and talent of 20 some PR majors – you’ve got yourself a great first foray into the wonderful world of media relations.

#3. The Hitman? short film

Maybe I should’ve put my montage here but it was only after this assignment I really got the sense I was filming for TV. Continuity editing rules.

#2. news release

If you can’t write a news release, you’re not in PR. It’s that simple.

#1. Zooey & Adam publicity campaign

As our first major assignment in PR, it taught me the crucial basics of the profession and convinced me to choose it as my major for 2nd year, hands down.

It also helped that we had a fantastic client and product that encouraged thinking outside the box and therefore generated a lot of creative ideas.

I still refer back to it from time to time to make sure I’m still hitting the mark when it comes to analysing the situation, understanding audiences, coming up with creative tactics/communication, and tying it all together with an effective evaluation.

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